How to Make Money Online : A Complete Beginner Guide

Technology has changed the way we entertain ourselves, live and work. We can be but grateful for the brought in the recent times.  With all of these changes today, we have instant access to a lot of people through online searches and social Medias. And many are still ignorant of how they can harness the various opportunity the internet has to offer, to make money.

To be frank, it’s not that easy to make money on the web today. Because we have a lot of competition and a good number of folks out there trying to be relevant and grabbing a lot of attentions, which makes it so hard to find a  good way to make any earning through the internet more competitive than ever. 

It makes a lot of folks shift their attention to the internet marketers who only care about turning you into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to withdraw money by selling you a new version of junks that won’t make you a dime. It is not a new thing because a lot of people have been signing up for Affiliate Marketing, Pyramid Schemes even before the era of the internet.

The question is, how can we make money legitimately Online? We are talking about a way to generate a sustainable income online that will help us take care of our debt, but also encourage us to invest, save to enjoy the future we want.   

As I said at the beginning of the post, it won’t be an easy ride. You will be deceiving yourself thinking otherwise. It takes a good number of dedication and choices to makes a good sum of money from your online empire; I called it an empire because if you don’t treat it has a business, you will be earning a hobby reward. But there are techniques of making real money on the internet in a very short time.

But before going into the nitty gritty of such methods, I will love to explain the place of pleasure and pain. Most of our choices in life have its root in pleasure and suffering. It is natural for all human to avoid pain for pleasure, and this is what causes us to fail in any endeavor in life.

We all want to make money online, but then we should all be ready to sacrifice everything to get that pleasure. Things may be excellent at the beginning, and we are so delighted by setting high goals, but all of those exhilaration starts coming down when the realities begin to down on us. To make money online, you need to put in more work than you will get in the beginning, less work than you will earn. Which is why most marketers and various schemes sell you a lot of programs claiming you will be rich in few months, how possible are those claims?

And when you buy all this type of program you will be so happy dreaming that in no time be a millionaire and living the life you want to live. Things don’t work that way on the internet; it will surely come back to you-In, a simple sense you need to go through all the constant stress of building your online business to enjoy all of those pleasures. 

It can also be due to why it’s not that easy to let go of bad behaviors and habits. We are all designed to avoid the pain for a short time and work for the pleasure. That is our make up as human.  However, you can change that kind of mindset in the long run to make the most of your life.

What Are The Ways To Make Money Online?

With all the niches available on the internet in today world, you just have to start with one with the determination to succeed at all cost (dare not to have a backup plan). While you will fail a couple of times but those are the required sweat to be successful on your journey on the internet. 

And for you to be successful today, whether online or offline you need to deliver something of value to your customers.  It may even require doing more work than you will be getting when you just start. It applies in particular as you build your online business. Why? Because it takes much time to build a real audience and authority on the internet, which is the major thing to have your way on the web.

All the successful business and individual we can see today have delivered a lot of value in the past to their prospective customers. They all gave their best from the beginning and makes sure most of their clients are very satisfied. Once you have this kind of mindset, you don’t o into online business for the quick cent to forfeit the long run benefit getting if you continue to offer value to your customers.

What will be your Niche?

Think about your passion and what you will love to do? You don’t need to be a pro from the start; because you will get better every day:

Build a blog

Your blog is where your potential customers expect to locate you most of the times. Without a blog, you won’t be able to get that traffic to bring a lot of people to see what you have to offer them. Don’t build an unprofessional blog like, but build a professional one that carries your identity,

Protip: If you want to make the serious amount of money online. My recommendation is to start your blog today. Ignore other option

Offer Value

The value you are adding to your audience is what generate you that readership and authority in your niche. And if you don’t provide the value they won’t come the next time, and you will be losing a lot of money at the end.

Grab those emails

one of the best ways to make money online is to have large subscribers. And you must have heard of the saying that money is on the list.  You may think it does not matter, but it does. Most online people in the business say your list is your money tree.

Don’t forfeit the Long-term benefit for the short one

At the beginning, you also will want to be like the most top guns in your niche. But it takes some time to attain such height. You will be losing at both ends because Google won’t trust you enough to place ads on your site and your customers will stay away from you. 

What am I saying Let the long-term activities dominate all you will be doing. It may look stressful from the start but will be worth it at the end.  It will take time just like any business, but my honest advice is to keep at it. And below are some of the means to make money online in the short and long run:

Be a writer and Sell An Ebook

If you have the flare of writing, then nothing should stop you from writing an ebook. You may say the market is saturated with books already; I tell you that valuable information package will always find its way to the top among those tons of products. 

It will be a good source of income because after the initial effort on writing another book it will just be printed the more for sale. Various platforms on the internet allow you to sell your written piece, and some of them are Kindle Program, Amazon and much more. 

You won’t need thousands of Dollars to get your book published, but you will have to do a lot of research to come up with the information of value to your customers.

Sell Those Nice Pictures Online

Are you a photo enthusiast or a photographer? Then you may want to offer those beautiful pictures for sale on Istockphote and Shutterstock.  These sites have a lot of pictures in their directory. You don’t need too much effort to succeed in this business, but you need real dedication actually to make good money.

Because you will face a lot challenge when trying to sell your pictures online, but am sure this is still an excellent way to earn online. Once your image receives its licensed as a stock image, you won’t need to put much effort to make money on that anymore, as the money will be coming as people are using such picture.

Build an App

You will need a good technical know how about programming if you are looking to succeed doing it. But, application development is still an excellent way to make real money on the internet if the app help makes life better or add value to the users.

Because millions of people are using one or two smartphones today, developing an app that will increase the value to them will surely make them download it which brings money to you as well. However, like any opportunities of making money online needs your dedication and time from the start, app development also needs your commitment, and if you don’t have the skill to develop one, you may want to buy a course to teach you or only hire someone to help you develop the app.

But the critical aspect of app developments is that your idea must add value, make life easier or save people money. I will advise you to do a good marketing research and projections to know how your app will be of value to people out there.

Be a Virtual Assistant

You may think doing this won’t make you big money, but if you are living in a city of the world in which the cost of living is low, this might even be a good stream of income for you. You will need attention to details and some few skills to succeed as a virtual assistant.

As far as you have a real skill in Microsoft word, excel, and few others tools and be able to communicate well and meet the deadline, then virtual assistant may be a good place to start.

Sell Your Skill on Fiverr

Are you a professional designer, writer or website developer , and video editor? Then Fiverr is a good place to rake in money selling those your skills, you could offer a gig to sell such skills and earn a minimum of $5 by so doing. And you could even think about other things that will add value to your customers and sell it to them as a gig extra.

Check WordPress expert on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a great marketplace in which you can help people solve their problem or sell a product. You may want to check the site out and do research on what you can offer to bring money for you. You should also have it at the back of your mind that like any online opportunities, it takes time, to make real money doing this also. You will need to learn more about how to deal with customers and know how to sell your service more efficiently.

Sell Your Services on 99Designs or Upwork

These two websites are great places to sell your professional service to people. And you think you have an in-depth of knowledge about a field; you could consider offering them for sale on those websites.  99Designs is mainly for designers while Upwork is a place you can provide any professional services out there.

You should also remember that it will be difficult at the start because you will need a quite numbers of reviews for people to trust your services. To make your journey easier, you may take a look at a professional and pick a few ideas on how the person presented himself; you must look professional or don’t do it at all. 

Have A Blog

The most saturated niche when we are talking about making money online is blogging. We all know that having a blog to command much authority and readership takes a lot of time, and if you are not encourage enough, you may end up giving up too soon.

Some bloggers will tell you that they don’t make money in their first six months or a year from blogging, Are you surprised?  But as you keep on posting the right content that adds value to your audience then your blog will continue to take shape, and you will start having ten readers subscribed, fifty until they are so much that when you are sleeping a post will still be making you a good sum of money.

With your blog, you can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it will be difficult from the start, and if you don’t start something now, you will still have the same regret tomorrow that you should have started then. So why not start today?

Write articles for sites and people

You could start writing for people, depending on your level of command in writing.  You will quickly find a job to write for people, considering blog we have today. The writing may be bringing in small pay from the start, but as you are persistent and dedicated in learning more about writing you will start having more customers that will be willing to offer you real money for your writings.  You could also provide services in the product description, and sales copy writing. You should find someone making real money online to learn from him or her and research more about what you are offering.

Auction Items On Ebay

Ebay has been around for some time now, and if you don’t do it well, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table. You can offer a lot for sale on Ebay.  What you are planning on selling should be an item that is high in demand. So you may need to do a little research to know the thing that will sell on this platform. And you can also peep into a top seller to see what they are selling.  What they are selling is a good indication of a product that will sell if you bring it down.

Put your Home for Rent on AirBnB

Putting your home for rent on AirBnB is another way to make money online. You may not get rich doing that, but you will be generating thousands of dollars monthly that can take care of your expenses. And, if you live in a sought-after vacation destination, then you’re certainly in luck. You may face a lot of challenges in the start because of no review, but as customers are receiving good services, those reviews will start rolling in.

Sell Audiobooks

If you noticed today, you would see that we are now more interested in than the digital ones now, this can be due to a lot of information with little time to sit down to absorb them. Because people now want the training they want to buy in audio and video format. So if you have any digital book to your name, you could consider turning it to audio with tools like AudibleACX.

You Could Consider Giving Answers to Professional Questions

Are you a professional in your area, and willing to help people respond to questions that they are facing? We have sites on the internet that bring the people looking for answers and professionals that can supply those answers to them, few of them are LivePerson and JustAnswer. And you will be making good money if you can provide your clients with right information that will add value to them. So before signing up with those sites ask yourself if you are confident enough to provide those answers, and if you why not start helping people by supply those answers, and making money.

Sell your Products on Etsy

It is a great marketplace for people that want to offer their craft, designs or painting for sale online.  So if you think you are good at art making and coming up with wears that people will love to get from you, then you may want to check Etsy and have an online shop to offer those your products for sale. A lot of customers visit this website daily to see what they want, you having a store with them is a great way to have a lot of exposure to the outside apart from your local shop or stores offline. The company will take their cut of the transaction fee and others stuff, but it’s still cheaper than setting up a website to offer those products for sale Take a look at how top sellers

Build your Online Store with Shopify

You may consider building your online store with Shopify. They offer you the opportunity to make an incredible website without no hassle; this takes the hard work off your neck.

You can be sure that with this website you will be able to come up with a transactional site in a matter of hours.

Create An Amazon Business

Have you ever considered setting up an Amazon business? Amazon is one of the world largest retailers. While your product will have a good exposure in their marketplace, they also help you pack and ship your items. You can be sure you will make good money selling on Amazon because if any goods are going to sell at, you can be sure it will sell even better on Amazon.

The only thing here is trying to import products that will sell well; you can get them from Alibaba or Aliexpress. And having goods that are between the ranges of $10- $50 are sure to sell. Just make sure you do your research well, and you can even take a look at what the top sellers are selling.

Have Your Youtube Channel for Tutorials

This method of making money online might not bring you the expected result in a short time, but as far as the videos you are posting are adding to your viewers, they will always be coming back which will allow you to have real audiences. It will bring passive income in the long term.

What video will you be posting? Are you a designer or a writer? You can post videos that will help other writers or artists improve their business. By doing so you are adding value to them, and you will surprise how they will recommend your tutorials to people that will need it.

But you should have it at the back of your mind that you will invest a lot of time and money to get the thing up and running before you will see any return.

You can drive for Lyft or Uber

If you in an area where there is Lyft or Uber you can decide to drive for them. You can raise a good amount by doing that. All they will require from your is if the car meets their specifications and licensed, then you can go for this option and make something good from it.

To be successful doing this, you will need to treat the people you drive with care. Just offer the value an average driver will not provide them. You may not get much from the start, but as you keep on treating your guest, they will always offer you open hands anytime you approach them.

Have a Course that Educates on Udemy

One of the top sites on the web to sell your educational courses is on Udemy. Once you know about any complicated task that anyone will always love to learn, then come up with a course that will help them solve this problem is a very excellent way to earn online.

You can come up with skills like search engine optimization for bloggers. Graphics designing, courses for various designers and freelance websites. And programming courses for most programmers out there just come up with any skill that can add value and find a class on it to sell on Udemy.

You may face a lot of competition on this site when you go through all the stress of creating these courses; you will be earning a sustainable income from then.

Do Human Intelligent Tasks

They are the task you offer to customers; it also refers to as Human Intelligence Tasks. They are the task you can do. It can be listing some web site URL or an image for few bucks. They don’t pay much, but if you get a lot of tasks, you will be earning quite enough money.

Be a Virtual Tutor

Do you think you will make an excellent teacher or be an instructor for an individual; you can do that through a webinar. If you know another language or have technical skills, you will make real money on the internet doing this. Many people have been making real money online doing that, why not start with what you know now.

You could get your clients by targeting people on the social media with your various ads. You can process your payment on PayPal for your customers to trust your service enough.

Email Marketing

The last opportunity to learn to make money online is through Email marketing.

Email marketing is what every blogger needs to make most of their subscribers. So if you want to make money online, email marketing might be an option to explore. But if not done in the right way, you might face a lot of challenges. Before you even send any message to your list, you should be sure they will be interested in your offers. Can you imagine selling the list of woman products on how to build muscle? So that is why I said you should do it right.

Doing it the wrong way won’t give you much success.  But if your subscribers are interested in your offers, then odd of success is high.

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